Bennett Krusen Obituary

Bennett Krusen Rustin High School: West Chester, Bayard Rustin High School student, Bennett Krusen, is dead. The news that Bennett had passed away was made public at exactly 6:47 p.m. Thursday night, October 19, when various unconfirmed reports posted on different social platforms.

Close friends of Bennett are confused, asking and looking for the real details. It is unclear at this time that Bennett has died because officials or family members are yet to drop any clear statement on this rumor.

Don’t panic yet, will update this post once Bennett family members or officials drop any statement confirming whether Bennett is dead or alive.

Bennett Krusen Cause Of Death

This is merely an evolving narrative. As the news expands, additional details become available. Bennett’s cause of death will be disclosed along with any updates made on this website, assuming the news is authentic.

Who Is Calvin Patterson

Bennett Krusen is a native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, as we have previously stated. He attends the West Chester-based Bayard Rustin High School, which provides its students with a range of educational choices.

His personal life was not extensively reported; if we find out more, we’ll add it with the next update.

More Details

After hearing this news, everyone wants to know if this story is true. Once it is confirmed that this news is true, nobody will be happy.

If Bennett Krusen’s death is confirmed, this website will publish his obituary and funeral arrangements. Please return to for further information.

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