Nichi Boyer New York Obituary: According to the Nichi’s Wife post on a social platform at exactly 5:o8 p.m. yesterday Sunday, October 22, made it known to the public that Nichi Boyer, her loving husband, a brother and friend to so many passed away.

Nichi Boyer Cause Of Death

Nichi died on Sunday, October 22, 2023. His cause of death hasn’t yet been made public at the time this news was published.

Statement from Nichi’s Wife:
“It is with deep regret that I wish to inform you all of the tragic and untimely death of my husband. At this time, I am asking everyone to allow me time to process this unexpected loss.”


Nichi has been married to his beautiful wife since July 6, 2013, and the LaG, hip-hop, entertainment, and other communities all like and appreciate him greatly. He is incredibly successful, astute in business, and an excellent role model for many.

Please offer your prayers for his spouse and his three beautiful children, who will be going through a lot after losing their father. Being a father to his three lovely children was Nichi’s proudest and finest achievement.

Sincere sympathies are being sent by everyone to his family and everyone who knew and loved him.

According to Michael Boyer:
Nichi, I can’t believe you are gone. We were always connected, even from across the country. Maybe it was only in my head, but both of us being adopted really helped me growing up knowing you were out there having similar challenges to mine. You will be dearly missed. Love, prayers and tears… Love you Cousin!

Jay Brodie also said:
I knew this brother for over 30 yrs. He was a teenager when Nichi Boyer started working the club life. I met him at the Tunnel. He has been part of the Mecca Family ever since. My Deepest Condolences to his family. I am.stunned to be talking about you in the past tense. RIP Nichi.


At the time this communication was sent out, no funeral plans were in place. Parties interested in attending the funeral will be notified as soon as possible if the family chooses to make the date public. As quickly as feasible, the announcements will be uploaded on To ensure you don’t miss any updates, be sure to check back.

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