Bren Orton Accident

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, Bren Orton’s disappearance in Melezza River, Ticino, Switzerland, was announced to the public via a Facebook post. The news was verified by the Pyranha Kayaks.

The post claims that while Bren was kayaking on the Melezza River in Switzerland with some friends, he became stuck in a recirculating feature and vanished from sight.

Bren is currently listed as missing, despite the tireless efforts of friends and authorities to find her.

The social media community’s outpouring of support shows how strong solidarity can be in trying times like these. The combined efforts of friends and concerned citizens are truly amazing as the search for Bren goes on.

If you have any personal connection to Bren or his family, please continue spreading the word about this and involving the media so that they can properly search for him.

Please refrain from speculating or posting about the incident in order to respect Bren’s family’s and friends’ right to privacy during this sad time.

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