Amundsen High School Shooting

The following report has not yet been verified: a short while ago, a social media site revealed that Amundsen High School, a four-year institution situated at 5110 N Damen Ave. in Chicago, Illinois, was placed under lockdown as a result of a gunshot that occurred on school property.

Is it true? Parents are interested in learning more about this myth and are asking questions.

Neither the Chicago Police Department nor the school administrators have released a statement as of yet.

Since this is an evolving situation, we at isinfo24 are doing all in our power to compile any further information that may be useful and make it public so that parents will know what to do next.

Please get in touch with the Chicago Police Department or share any information you may have about this rumor in the comments section below so that others can benefit from it. Share this post on all of your social platfom so your friends or parents others can see.

As long as this entire allegation is unverified, Amundsen High School students should take extra care when on school property.

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