Andy Gil GoFundMe - Death, Gainesville Car Accident - Florida

Andy Gil Florida GoFundMe, Gainesville Obituary: On Friday, March 1, 2024, a loving mother named Aymara Perez opened a GoFundMe account to publicize the death of her first son, 22-year-old Andy Gil

Andy, who was working and had his entire life ahead of him after earning his psychology degree from the University of Florida in May 2023, passed away unexpectedly due to the terrible injuries he had in a horrific vehicle accident.

The other driver left the scene without realizing he was hurt. The crowdfunding story states that Andy Gil was pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident.

In addition to being incredibly popular, Andy was also incredibly kind and helpful to everyone in his vicinity. His smile could light up any room. No matter what, his family came first. Those who have always looked up to him and been so proud of him—his parents and four siblings—are leaving him behind.

Nobody had predicted his untimely death, therefore his friends and family are grieving deeply and deeply.

Aymara is pleading with her friends, family, and the community on the GoFundMe page to lend a hand now that they must move his remains to Miami in order for him to be at home and given the right send-off.


At this moment, no information on Andy’s funeral has been made public. However, we will update this page (isinfo24) as soon as the family provides further details, so be sure to check back often.

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