The last time missing Mckenzie Brooks was spotted, she was with her father Bradley Brooks in Edmond, Oklahoma. After weekend visitation, her father was drunk and refused to give her back, breaking a very specific court order. He has taken off with the kid.

When her non-custodial father refused to give her back to her primary, custodial safe parent, they were last seen together on Sunday, March 17.

Who Is Mckenzie Brooks & Bradley Brooks

Mckenzie Brooks is a 4’9, 90-pound woman with shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

Bradley Brooks is 6’1 and 180 pounds. He has blue eyes, shaved blonde hair, no front teeth, and full sleeve tattoos on both arms. Due to Bradley’s history of domestic abuse, McKenzie’s mother is currently protected by a restraining order, but the child is not.

He has a history of substance misuse problems, and upon request, he must submit to a drug test within 24 hours. He was intoxicated when he answered the door with a beer can after failing to return the youngster. He disregarded the court’s orders to submit to a tox screen.

He had paper tags on his 2016 Silver Dodge Ram Quad Cab. There is a dent in the back right tailgate. dragging a covered trailer in back. The word “GYPZEES” is written in black letters on both sides of the trailer.

It is thought that he fled to Texas together with the child. Right now, he is building Airbnbs out of shipping containers made of metal.

If you see someone, get in touch with your local police enforcement right away. It is thought that he is dangerous and armed.

In this instance, the missing persons case is being handled by the Oklahoma City Police Department. Brooks is wanted at this time for the charge of “child stealing.”

Continue to escalate this and involve the media in order to ensure her safe and prompt location.

Check back often on this website (isinfo24) to ensure you don’t miss any new information that the McKenzie family will share. We will continue to monitor the search for McKenzie and offer the public with updates as new information becomes available.

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