Bucknell Active Shooter

On Friday, March 29, the public learned that Bucknell University, located in Union County, Pennsylvania, is home of a suspected active shooter. Right now, police are present. Facebook was used by the public to learn of the news that a man brandishing a gun was spotted on campus.

Just after 6:30 p.m., staff, instructors, and students received the notice. It was suggested that anyone on campus find shelter right away.

Nothing further has been made public.

“There is an active shooter on campus at Bucknell University right now so let’s please pray together for everyone for peace, protection, and safe. That would be appreciated very much.”

Units dealing with emergencies are responding to the scene.

In order to facilitate the investigation for the police officers who are now on the scene, if you are a student on campus, please make sure you follow instructions.

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