callum robinson lacrosse missing

Callum Robinson, 33, his brother Jack, and their American friend Jack Rhoad are being mourned this week by the lacrosse community. They were discovered in a remote area over 30 kilometers from the Valle de Santo Tomás highway, at the bottom of a 15-meter-deep well.

A fourth body was also found during the recovery effort.

As per the previous report, they were found to have severe injuries.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the precise location of the well, which is next to an abandoned house close to the beach in the La Bocana neighborhood of Santo Tomás, and to retrieve the bodies from the deep well.

Three of the bodies found at the scene could be tentatively identified by the local authorities as belonging to the missing surfers. The fourth body’s identity is unknown, though it might be that of a victim of an earlier crime that was dumped in the same well.

After being removed, all four bodies were brought to the coroner’s office in Ensenada for official identification and forensic testing.

Who Is Callum Robinson

Callum, also referred to as “Big Koala,” had a tremendous influence on everyone he knew and was a formidable presence both on and off the field. Callum played professional MLL and PLL, was an All-American at Stevenson University, and was a member of the Australian National Team. During this trying time, our thoughts are with the families of Robinson and Rhoad.

Please remember and offer prayers for his family.

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