The family and friends of former Islanders player Chris Simon are receiving condolences from the New York Islanders. You would see why Chris was adored by his teammates and the spectators that came to see him play every game if you got the chance to watch him play.

This illustrates another account of a well-known enforcer ending their own life in order to get away from a personal problem. Simon becomes one of the three former enforcers who have died by suicide: Wade Belak, Rick Rypien, and Derek Boogaard.

Given Simon’s history of enforcing the game, it is possible that CTE contributed to his demise. CTE was discovered in the other former participants.

“In a few weeks, I’m planning on doing a Chris Simon episode where his life & career are celebrated. If any of Chris’ teammates, coaches or even opponents are reading this & have a story or stories to share, I would love to have you on the show. Shoot me a message & we’ll go from there.” Coliseum Chronicles: the Penalty Box-Podcast said on Facebook.

Who Is Chris Simon

Simon was a natural enforcer, well-known for his unusual and frequently shady tactics. Additionally, Simon was essential to the Stanley Cup runs of the 1998 Capitals and 2004 Flames.Chris Simon battled alcoholism, anxiety, and depression for a long time before passing away.

He spent a portion of seven seasons as a regular in Washington and was a key player on the 1998 squad that advanced to the franchise’s first Stanley Cup Final.

Additionally, he spent two seasons playing for the Islanders (2006–07 and 2007–08). Wearing his heart on his sleeve both on the ice and in the community, he personified what it meant to be an Islander.

There is support available if you or anybody else is experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts. You can reach the Suicide helpline worldwide by calling 988. Never forget that you are never alone!

There’s still more information to come.

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