@noyskincare founder Danna Omari, beloved wife of Dave David Munits, cherished mother of Ella, Eva and Idan to and daughter of Baruch and Elana Omari and an inspiration who touched so many lives and inspired so many people in holistic esthetics has died. She passed away in March, 2024, from complications of bone cancer.

All those who had the chance to see Danna’s work and philosophy were deeply hurt by her passing. She cleared the path for countless aspirants to become estheticians by inspiring, demonstrating, and elegantly imparting the significance of face massage and high-touch treatments.

Who Is Danna Omari

She was a genuine gem of a facialist and the driving factor behind Noy Skincare. Through her posts, she shared her love for using human touch to cure skin, and many of her fans were captivated by her beauty and wisdom. She truly popularized facial massage, and as a result, demand for both buccal and general face massage skyrocketed.

She had a powerful embrace of everything around her; her actions were her calling in life, not because of the quantity of people who followed her, but rather because of the depth of her heart.

Her generosity and unwavering passion caused everything she touched to blossom. She served as such an influence to numerous mothers, businesswomen, and women.

Every one of her friends’ days was made brighter by her affection for her family and the wonderful times she enjoyed with them.

There are still more information to come to light regarding her dying and funeral; nothing better has been disclosed.

We will furnish additional particulars as soon as her family releases them. To ensure you never miss an update, sign up for our newsletter and always visit (isinfo24).

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