James Gregory Comedian Funeral

Legend of Southern Comedy James Gregory passed away. On Thursday, May 9, 2024, at the age of 78, he passed away from cardiac complications. “The Funniest Man in America” was how James Gregory was billed, and based on the laughter at his shows, it seemed accurate.

On and off the stage, he was always one of the funniest guys. He was a fantastic storyteller and joke writer, and he had a terrific delivery. Despite aging and deteriorating health, he continued to deliver explosives.

James was perhaps the first comic to ever sell merchandise at a show, and he was full of helpful advice.

Without resorting to vulgar language, he shared experiences from real life that the audience could relate to. He was straightforward and amiable! A true gentleman.

Who Is James Gregory

On May 6, 1946, in the afternoon, James was born in the tiny Georgian town of Lithonia, in his parents’ kitchen. Though he had worked in a small grocery store since he was eleven years old, he was proud to be the first person in his family to graduate from high school.

He passed the civil service examination at the age of eighteen in order to get a job with the US Postal Service. Soon after, he enlisted in the Marines, but his health problems caused him to miss weeks of duty.

At the age of thirty-six, James responded to an advertisement in 1981 to take part in a comedy night held in the restaurant Excelsior Mill’s basement in the Atlanta area. He felt he had the makings of a comedian, being a successful salesman with a gift for entertaining crowds. He was the first comedian to appear on stage at Atlanta’s brand-new Punchline comedy club within a year. With the expansion of the 1980s comedy boom, James became a headliner very quickly.

A Bushel of Beans and a Peck of Tomatoes: The Life and Times of “The Funniest Man in America,” James Gregory (Post Hill Press), is his first and only autobiography, which he finished writing shortly before he passed away. It will be released in November 2024.

His three nieces, Martha Anne, Mary Jane, and Candie, and their families played a crucial role in tending to him during his final days and weeks of life. They called him “Uncle Bubba.” For now, the family requests privacy.


Funeral ceremonies will be decided upon. For official updates from James’ family and management, follow this social media page.

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