Kelly Marie Vazquez Missing

Following a thorough DNA analysis of the discovered remains, authorities have established that Kelly Marie Vasquez, who was last seen in Valrico, Florida on May 23, 2021, is the owner of the body.

Kelly told her grandma she would return that afternoon she went missing and departed her family’s house with a man she was dating at around 8:00 or 9:00 on that morning. She never came back to her house after leaving her makeup, additional clothes, and hygiene supplies there.

Sunshine State Sonar searched for Kelly on land and in the ocean several times in 2022 and 2023, but they were unsuccessful until her remains were discovered recently.

The probe is still active and ongoing. Nothing further to report at this time.

Please get in touch with any Vasquez family members if you live nearby and have any specific information that will aid the authorities looking into this case and lead to a more favorable outcome. At this point, the public’s assistance is crucial in gathering even the smallest data.

Please spread the word about this update on all of your social media accounts. Kelly’s family and friends are looking for assistance in order to learn more about how their daughter died.

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