The death of lawyer Larry H. Parker, a true titan in the personal injury field, at the age of 75 was made public on Friday, March 15, 2024, by the legal and Los Angeles communities. The news has truly ruined his friends’, family’s, and community groups’ days because they will be dealing with a lot after losing someone as special as Larry. Everyone was taken aback by the news.

Who is Larry H. Parker

To everyone he encountered, Larry radiated warmth, friendliness, and sincere concern, as everyone who knew him would attest. For more than fifty years, Larry H. Parker acted as a guiding light of fairness, support, and empathy, leaving a lasting impression on both the personal injury legal community and Los Angeles culture.

For the people who were lucky enough to follow him, he had turned into a source of inspiration. Larry H. Parker’s dedication went beyond the courtroom, impacting several lives via his educational initiatives, which included awarding scholarships to nearby kids for more than a decade.

Due to the broad range of practice areas offered by his business, people dealing with the fallout from mishaps and injustices have received complete help, earning him a reputation for expertise and confidence in Southern California.

Doctors For Accidents wishes to recognize and remember Larry H. Parker’s significant contribution to the personal injury community as friends and family mourn his passing. In addition to changing the legal environment, his work has given over 100,000 clients hope and healing.

Future generations of legal professionals and campaigners will surely continue to draw inspiration and guidance from the legacy of Larry H. Parker. We shall miss his spirit, commitment, and the impact he had on the globe.

As his family members navigate this difficult time, please remember and pray for them.


The burial arrangements for Larry have not yet been decided by the family because they are still in mourning. Any information on his funeral arrangements that becomes available will be updated on this website (isinfo24). To make sure you don’t miss any information about any last-minute plans, sign up for our newsletter.

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