Nashville Shooting Suspect

The shooter of the Sunday, March 31, shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, which left one person dead and four injured, is being sought for by the police. At 3 p.m., at an Easter brunch at 614 Garfield Street in Germantown, there was a shooting. A number of victims arrived at the hospital with different injuries.

Facebook users are talking about a security image of the suspected shooter and his car. He was the only one carrying a weapon, and he pulled over after getting into a dispute with another man, firing multiple shots.

In this Mercedes GLS 450, he drove off the scene. Call 615-862-8600 if you are in the Nashville area and know the suspect’s whereabouts or if you see his GLS 450.

Investigators are attempting to ascertain the gunman’s motivation. Though they are not yet prepared to reveal the gunman’s identity, they are almost positive they have him identified.

Private cars were used to transfer the wounded with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to various hospitals.

The inquiry is still under progress.

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