Rylo Huncho, Tiktoker Dies

A popular 17-year-old Tiktoker, and a fast rising Virginia drill rapper Rylo Huncho passed away on Thursday, May 16, after accidentally shooting himslef during a live broadcast on Instagram while playing with a gun.

It was an expensive handgun, a semiautomatic pistol with an oversized bullet clip and a laser sighting system.

What Happened To Rylo Huncho

Huncho was playing with it on video, acting tough, when he got the idea to prove how brave he was by pointing the gun at his head and pulling the trigger. Unfortunately for him, there was a bullet in the firing chamber.

“I think Rylo Huncho was tryna threaten the opps to what he was gonna do and he thought he put the safety ON not off or thought there wasn’t one in the chamber . This was not a purposeful suicide. He just wasn’t aware of how to operate a firearm fr.”

There have been rumors that the friend who was with him when the tragic incident occurred uploaded the video to Instagram.

Twin Porter, the deceased’s purported brother, announced his death on Facebook.

His folks create a GoFundMe page. His single mother is appreciative of all the past and current contributors who have made contributions, as they have enabled the fundraiser account to attain its current balance. target with the assistance of about 601 contributors.

Donations will go a long way toward supporting Rylo, a single mother.

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