Samuel Knopp and Celie Rain Montgomery Colorado, Dormitory Murder

Samuel Knopp Shooting: Two young adults, Samuel Knopp and Celie Montgomery, were shot and killed early on Friday, February 16, at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. A suspect has been detained in relation to their killings.

Pueblo native Celie Rain Montgomery was formally recognized as one of the two victims of the double homicide that occurred at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus early on Friday by Colorado Springs authorities on Sunday, February 18.

Parker resident and student Samuel Knopp, 24, was the other victim of homicide. Beginning at 5:59 am on Friday, police received reports of shooting at a residence known as the Creatone House. The initial probe resulted in the campus being closed.

Who Is Celie Montgomery

Officials claim that Celie was not enrolled in the university; her Indeed resume states that she worked as a copywriter for health and wellness.

A relative on Facebook attested to the fact that Celie does left behind extended Pueblo family as well as two small children who are among the local family members.

At least one of them is thought to have known the person who shot them. Since Friday, officials have stated that there is no risk to the public.

As the investigation into the double homicide continues, police are looking for leads.

We are requesting that anyone with information give the Colorado Springs Police Department a call.

Sending her kids, friends, and family my condolences.

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