Flagstaff Shooting

In an incident on Sunday night, May 12, 2024, on the west side of the city, a police officer from Columbus was shot. It was connected to a shooting that had occurred moments earlier at an Amazon facility in West Jefferson.

The suspect that the CPD believes to be associated with the Amazon facility has passed away. There were no other details given.

What Happened

Following reports of a shooting inside, the Amazon facility on Route 29 in West Jefferson has been closed off. There are no reported injuries, and the gunman might be in west Columbus police custody. The chief of police in West Jefferson said that he might have been a worker.

After firing shots at the Amazon Fulfillment Center entrance in West Jefferson, the suspect ran away to Columbus and wounded an officer while being pursued.

The police returned fire, killing the suspect. There is no public threat.

This is an evolving circumstance.

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