Bart Durham Death

Bart Durham, a longtime Nashville attorney whose advertisements over the years have influenced local culture, has passed away. His age was eighty-nine. The legal community in Nashville will never be the same.

He is the creator of Bart Durham Injury Law, a personal injury law practice. In 1969, he relocated to the city. In 1975, he founded the business.

Durham’s image has been woven into Nashville’s landscape for many years; it appears in TV commercials and on the exterior of buses and trains.

His unwavering smile appeared in decades’ worth of television and billboard advertisements, making him a very recognizable figure in the Nashville community.

Before America ever knew what Nashville was, he was the epitome of the city.

He was from the days of Hickory Hollow Mall, Opryland, and Snowbird.

“Unwilling to retire because of his love for work, and for fear of getting bored, Bart continued assisting with work at his firm until his passing.”

Bart Durham Funeral

On Tuesday, April 16, Durham’s celebration will begin at Woodmont Christian Church at noon, with visitation beginning at 10 a.m.

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