Gardner Kansas Shooting

The Gardner Police Department provided more details on today’s incident near 183 and Moonlight at around 7:23 on Tuesday, April 9.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies stopped a vehicle for speeding on Interstate 35 at mile marker 195 at approximately 2:57 p.m. while conversing with the occupants of the car. Deputies began to suspect drug use or possession.

The driver was taken out of the car so that he could be questioned. According to the Franklin County Sheriff, the passenger locked the doors, got into the driver’s seat, and took off when the deputies went back to interview him. The motorist was taken into custody on the spot.

On 1-35 Highway, deputies pursued the errant vehicle traveling north. At least twice while the deputies were being pursued, the driver shot at least one hangun. The suspect driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed in Gardner on 1-35, about Moonlight Road. The man then made his escape into a wooded area on foot.

With the aid of Johnson County Sheriff’s units, a perimeter was set. There was a search of the region, assisted by officers from several law enforcement organizations. Drones, K9s, and an airplane were used by law enforcement to help with the search.

There was no additional incident once the culprit was found and put into jail. After the car was searched, a gun and some drugs were found inside. During this occurrence, Interstate 35 was closed; it was reopened as soon as it was determined the region was safe.

Mr. Frank Rinderknecht, 55, of Hiawatha, Iowa, has been identified as the vehicle’s initial driver. As of the release, the flimsy suspect has not been positively identified. The Franklin County Jail will receive bookings for both suspects.

The Northbeast Kansas Drug Task Force and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office are both actively looking into this incident.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is appreciative of everyone’s patience during rush hour and is happy that everyone got out safely. They value their solid working connections and cooperation with the local agencies as well. The issue was successfully resolved thanks to the collaborative efforts of skilled law enforcement officers.

When confirmed, more information will be made public, so be sure to return to this site (isinfo24) to avoid missing any updates.

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