Is James Somerton Dead - Still Alive

James Somerton Youtuber Dies? The news that James Somerton, a YouTuber who was accused of plagiarism, had passed away was made public by “Koofal” at approximately 6:28 p.m. on her YouTube channel. Since then, all of his admirers have been seeking and inquiring as to whether or not this news is genuine.

Who Is James Somerton

James was a YouTube essayist whose career was entirely derailed by a video posted by hbomberguy exposing the systematic plagiarism that Somerton engaged in in each and every one of his videos.

The most sensible conclusion to this whole situation is that no one knows and that many believe James is fabricating his death, most likely since plagiarism is treated the same as rape for some reasons.

“I honestly think James Somerton is faking this. After his last “apology”, he realized he can’t make videos. He’s going to basically disappear from public life, let awful people blame his critics for driving him to “su*cide”, and continue to earn money from ads on his videos.” said on Twitter.

According to Theodore (Theo) Foxx on Twitter “Hbomberguy made a meticulously researched video addressing the FACT that James Somerton built his career off of extensive plagiarism, often from smaller queer & BIPOC creators. He did not “bully” anyone & he’s not responsible for James’s mental health.”

Let’s wait to hear from James in the future and keep our fingers crossed for positive news.

Remember not to disseminate untrue information that hasn’t been verified in order to stop rumors from spreading throughout the entire neighborhood.

We will state that James Somerton is still alive even though this story has not been verified, and we will continue to look for the relevant information. Please remember that the information in this news release is all that we have. (isinfo24) declines to participate in hearsay and gossip.

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