The amount donated to support the family of 15-year-old Kaylee has surpassed $330,000 and is constantly growing. The GoFundMe is expected to raise the $5,000 target. 7,000,400 people have donated since it was established roughly three days ago, bringing the total to $337,316 as of right now.

Family relatives claim that Kaylee is still struggling for her life and is in extremely serious condition. Grandma Terry Nordstrom Thompson posted on Facebook that she hasn’t yet woken up from the beating.

What Happened To Kaylee Gain

After an incident, 15-year-old Maurnice DeClue, a fellow Hazelwood East High School student, repeatedly smashed Kaylee’s skull on pavement outside a North County high school, as seen on film.

The family is humbly requesting public support for their cherished daughter, Kaylee.

She is very ill with severe brain hemorrhage and edema. Although Kaylee is making a great effort to survive and recover, she and her family still have a long way to go.

The amount of the brain damage that has occurred has not been made public until she wakes up, but the family will face a very difficult recovery—both financially and psychologically.

In an attempt to reunite her with the Kaylee they know and love, her parents remain at her side day and night. Your assistance would be helpful in covering missed income and mounting medical expenses from critical care treatment.

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