Preston Heinbigner Winnipeg

Help the family of Preston Heinbigner. Use this link (GoFundMe).

As of the publication of this piece, 972 donors had contributed $124,944 CAD toward the $250,000 target. Preston’s unborn child, his infant Oslo, and his wife Shayda will all benefit from the donation.

The Winnipeg United Firefighters are all devastated to hear of this significant loss.

According to Dalain Gagne on Facebook, said: “Preston was not just a colleague; he was one of my best friends for the last twenty years. His loss has deeply impacted us all. As firefighters and as Preston’s closest friends, we are deeply troubled by the circumstances surrounding his passing. Preston was a dedicated firefighter who bravely served his community, but the trauma he faced on duty took a toll on his mental health.”

Preston is a devoted and kind friend, dad, and spouse. All of the people who knew him felt a void after his death.

Preston made everyone he came into contact with feel like the most important person in the world and brightened every room he entered. His contagious enthusiasm and broad smile made everyone he encountered happy. He had the purest, most sincere soul.

Preston departed from this life, leaving behind his spouse Shayda, his son Oslo, who is nearly two years old, and an unborn child who will regrettably never meet the lovely father that Preston was.

The fundraiser’s organizer, Stephane Mitton, is asking you to think about making a donation to help Preston’s wife and kids deal with their financial burdens as they adjust to life without him. This is an attempt to return the favors that Preston offered to so many.

Preston Heinbigner Funeral

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. We continue to monitor any updates from his family, and we will publish them on this website (isinfo24) as soon as they are verified. Please bookmark this page and sign up for our newsletter.

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