Tom Henry Passed Away

Tom Henry, the mayor of Fort Wayne, passed away, his office reported just before nine o’clock on Thursday, March 28. He was seventy-two. The mayor’s family declared earlier on Thursday that he was receiving hospice care following a medical emergency associated with his diagnosis of stomach cancer.

He was taken in private to the nearby hospital on Wednesday, March 27, where he and his family had extensive discussions with medical staff, including his oncologist. Mayor Henry chose comfort methods after giving surgical intervention’s hazards considerable thought. With his devoted family by his side, he passed away quietly.

Tom has spent more than 40 years serving his community in a successful and lengthy manner. In an era when politics has become so divisive and divisive, he was a unifying and inspiring presence. He was a pleasure to be around and showed compassion for others.

For years to come, people will be reminded of his legacy and encouraged to leave their own by the great path he led the city and police department in.

His community honors the devotion, principles, and dedication he spent his life for, even as they grieve with him.

“Professional Storm Responders would like to share our deepest condolences with the mayor’s family and to the community.”

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